Announcing a OVPRI/C4I Interdisciplinary Research Forum: NIH and NSF Funding for the Arts & Humanities

We invite you to the OVPRI/C4I Interdisciplinary Research Forum, “NIH and NSF Funding for the Arts & Humanities”, which will talk replace Thursday, March 19, from 3:00-6:00 pm in the Kellogg Conference Center. To register, please visit:

This Interdisciplinary Research Forum is intended for artists and humanists who are interested in exploring or expanding funded research, as well as scientists who are interested in working with artists and humanists. This is an opportunity for researchers and scholars who understand the importance of the arts and humanities for work on complex projects to get together and explore possible collaborations. 
Featured speakers will be:
  • Kristin Arola, Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture (WRAC) 
  • Robyn Bluhm, Philosophy and Lyman Briggs College
  • Adam Brown, Art, Art History & Design
  • Bill Hart-Davidson, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, College of Arts & Letters, and WRAC
  • Natalie Phillips, English
  • Kyle Whyte, Philosophy and Community Sustainability
Please join us and learn about how to successfully pursue funded research that leverages the power of the arts and humanities!