Michigan State University


Strengthen and nurture interdisciplinary research involving the arts and humanities at MSU, as well as locally, nationally, and internationally.

In addition to conducting its own research, C4I serves as a resource for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students in the College of Arts and Letters and across campus, as well as partners in the local community and across the region. It serves as an advocate for researchers and scholars, consulting with teams, providing resources for and about interdisciplinarity, and creating opportunities for training, education, networking, mentorship, visibility, and funding both on and off-campus.


C4I seeks to become an international leader in facilitating interdisciplinary scholarship. We aim to develop relationships with granting agencies that enable us to support projects on-campus and in our community through grants and mentorship programs. We seek to create cutting-edge research and teaching opportunities by connecting researchers from disparate fields and locations at MSU and beyond. Through a combination of technologies, we will also serve as a portal for interdisciplinary researchers at MSU looking for informational resources, a venue for promoting their work, interest groups, and funding, conference, and training opportunities. We will shape graduate education for interdisciplinary scholars, working with community partners to address grand problems. Finally, we will advocate for faculty in conversations about infrastructural issues, tenure and promotion, interdisciplinary scholarship, and careers outside of academia.

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