The C4I Affiliate Faculty is a community of MSU faculty members and staff who have a central interest in interdisciplinary research, teaching, and practice. C4I Faculty Affiliates represent a broad range of units on campus, including 10 colleges, and have access to small grant programs and networking opportunities. MSU faculty and staff apply for membership in the Affiliate Faculty in the fall of the year.

Kristin L. Arola


Associate Professor – Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures; Affiliate, Digital Humanities & American Indian & Indigenous Studies Program; Member, Multimodal Working Group

Kristin L. Arola’s Website

Christina Boyles


Assistant Professor of Culturally Engaged Digital Humanities – Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

Christina Boyles’ Website

Christina Boyles explores the relationship between disaster, social justice, and the environment, examining the impact of disaster response mechanisms on communities and envisioning new, more ethical, possibilities for the future.

Dr. NiCole T. Buchanan


Associate Professor of Psychology and Clinical Director/Founder of Alliance Psychological Associates, PLLC

Dr. NiCole T. Buchanan’s Website

Jennifer Carter-Johnson


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law

Jennifer Carter-Johnson’s Website

James M. Chen


Justin Smith Morrill Chair in Law, Professor – School of Law, Counsel to Technology Law Group

Sung Soo Chung


Assistant Director of Institute for Global Health – College of Ost. Med.

Sung Soo Chung’s Website

Multidisciplinary approach for global health and One Health

Yuanfang Dai


Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Writing – Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

Yuanfang Dai’s Website

Dai is currently working on a monograph tentatively titled Chinese Feminist Philosophy: Theorizing Chinese Feminism in Transcultural Contexts, which is a transdisciplinary writing project as it synthesizes and theorizes themes in Chinese feminist scholarship accumulated in multiple disciplines (such as history, sociology, philosophy, social science, comparative studies, religious studies, and cultural studies) in the past three decades.

Megan Dean


Assistant Professor – Philosophy

Megan Dean’s Website

My current research focuses on the ethics of eating and engages with a range of philosophical traditions, psychological and sociological work, nutritional and diet research, as well as historical and literary analysis.

Valentina Denzel


Associate Professor of French – Romance and Classical Studies

I am currently analyzing the influence of the Marquis de Sade on DYI-cultures, including punk and comics, with a specific focus on second- and third wave feminist movements by combining a social, historical, political, philosophical, comparative and literary approach in studying these movements.

Laura Dilley


Associate Professor – Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Laura Dilley’s Website

Alison Dobbins


Associate Professor of Integrated Performance Media Design – Theatre

Alison Dobbins’ Website

Diane M. Doberneck


Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Sustainability; The Center for Gender in Global Context, consulting and associate faculty; Diversity Research Network, member

Diane M. Doberneck’s Website

I focus on interdisciplinary community-engaged scholarship (research and teaching & learning) and do that through research, professional development, workshops, mentoring, and consultations on campus and with other universities. My secondary interdisciplinary focus is on community engagement in conservation, sustainability, and rural community development, including in the rural West of Ireland’s Co. Mayo.

Heather Douglas


Associate Professor – Philosophy

Heather Douglas’ Website

I am a philosopher of science who works on the relationships among science, values, and democratic publics.  I am currently working on how to reconceptualize the relationship between science and society, away from a social contract model, towards one that captures the strengths and responsibilities inherent in empirical knowledge production, and shows more clearly the role broader society should play in that process.

Philip Effiong


Associate Professor of Theatre Studies and Integrative Arts & Humanities

Philip Effiong’s Website

The appropriation and performance of divine identities by autocratic rulers, and the audial and visual documentation of traumatic memories.

Kevin C. Elliott


Professor – Lyman Briggs College, Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife, and Philosophy, Member of National Academy of Sciences Committee on Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions

Kevin C. Elliott’s Website

Max Evjen


Faculty – Theatre/Digital Humanities

Max Evjen’s Website

Max Evjen works at the intersection of theatre, digital engagement, and museums.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick


Faculty – Theatre/Digital Humanities

Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s Website

Kathleen Fitzpatrick is director of MESH, a research and development unit at MSU focused on the future of digital scholarly communication, and she is director of Humanities Commons, an open-access network serving 29,000 scholars and practitioners across the humanities and around the world.

Steven Fraiberg


Associate Professor – Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

Steven Fraiberg’s Website

Jeremy Francis


Associate Clinical Professor of Law Writing Specialist – College of Law

Lissy Goralnik


Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Community Engagement – Dept. of Community Sustainability

Lissy Goralnik’s Website

John Grey


Academic Specialist – Philosophy

John Grey’s Website

Kathryn Houghton


Academic Specialist – Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

Kathryn Houghton’s Website

Raven Jones Stanbrough


Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education

Raven Jones Stanbrough’s Website

Deeply inspired by her daughter, Zuri Hudson, anti-racist instruction, the Civil Rights Movement, the Harlem Renaissance, social justice activism, and generational storytelling practices – Dr. Jones Stanbrough’s artistic and literary hankerings are inclusive of community outreach and teaching with joy.

Mary M. Juzwik


Professor – English, Teacher Education

Mary M. Juzwik’s Website

Zachary Kaiser


Associate Professor, Graphic Design

Zach Kaiser’s Website

Mohammad Hassan Khalil


Associate Professor, Religious Studies Department; Adjunct Professor, College of Law, Director of the Muslim Studies Program

Mohammad Hassan Khalil’s Website

Sheril Kirshenbaum


Academic Specialist, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources – Community Sustainability

Sheril Krishenbaum’s Website

My research is at the intersection of science, policy and communication.

Ben Lauren


Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture; Director of Graduate Programs and Associate Chair

Ben Lauren’s Website

My scholarly interests are creative-critical rhetorics, institutional change, and experiential learning. I’m currently working on a new album about healing from trauma called Hold Me Down, which reimagines roots music as a way to explore the affective elements of genre.

Bethany Laursen


Assistant Dean – Graduate School

Bethany Laursen’s Website

Bethany researches and facilitates knowledge integration in academia.

Sheng-mei Ma


Professor of English

Sheng-mei Ma’s Website

Sheng-mei Ma (馬聖美 is Professor of English at Michigan State University in Michigan, USA, specializing in Asian Diaspora culture and East-West comparative studies.

Miles McNall


Director for Community-Engaged Research, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship; Faculty at Dept. of Psychology

Miles McNall’s Website

Dr. Georgina M. Montgomery


Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning – Lyman Briggs College

Engaged in an interdisciplinary NSF-funded project examining the impact of an inclusive climate on professional outcomes for under-represented scholars in academic STEM. Also working on a history of a long-term ecological site in Oxford, U.K., used for both scientific and artistic endeavors.

Sharlissa Moore


Associate Professor, International Energy Policy – James Madison College & College of Engineering

Sharlissa Moore’s Website

Perry Parks


Assistant Professor – School of Journalism

Perry Parks’ Website

Perry Parks is working to integrate humanistic perspectives such as history, philosophy, rhetoric, and art into journalism studies research, teaching, and practice.

Dr. Robert T. Pennock


University Distinguished Professor – Lyman Briggs College, Philosophy, Computer Science & Engineering; Director, The Vocational Virtues Project

Dr. Robert T. Pennock’s Website

A. Sean Pue


Associate Professor of Hindi Language and South Asian Literature and Culture, Andrew W. Mellon New Directions Fellow

A. Sean Pue’s Website

Rocío Quispe-Agnoli


Professor of Hispanic Studies; Editor in Chief, REGS/Journal of Gender & Sexuality Studies

Rocío Quispe-Agnoli’s Website

Rocío Quispe-Agnoli’s HCommons Website

Listening to Native Latin America across the centuries.

Julie Sinclair


Associate Director, Office of International Studies in Education

Julie Sinclair’s Website

I am facilitating a doctoral fellowship focused on good practice in international collaborations. One piece of that is to highlight the growing role of interdisciplinary, international collaborative work.

Daniel T. Smith, Jr.


Assistant Professor – Theatre Studies

Dr. Sieg Snapp


Associate Director for the Center for Global Change and Earth Observations, Professor – Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, Chair of specializations in Ecological Food and Farming Systems & Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.

 Dr. Sieg Snapp’s Website

David Stowe


Professor of Religious and American Studies

 David Stowe’s Website

David Stowe @

In collaboration with MSU’s Institute of Global Health, I’m investigating the relationship between spirituality, religion, and human wellness.

Kaitlin Torphy


Lead Researcher and Founder, Teachers in Social Media

 Kaitlin Torphy’s Website

Ben Van Dyke


Associate Professor, Associate Chair, and Director of Graduate Studies in Art, Art History, and Design

Ben Van Dyke’s Website

Helen Zoe Veit


Associate Professor of History, focusing on Food, Culture, Science/Medicine, and Women & Gender

Helen Zoe Veit’s Website

Judy Walgren


Associate Director, School of Journalism; Professor of Practice in Journalism, Project Manager and Creative Director for the Convergence for Innovative Energy Solutions grant

Judy Walgren’s Website

Brad Willcuts


Associate Professor of Musical Theatre and Choreography

Brad is researching Motion Capture, VR, AR and other digital connections between many areas in the humanities, specifically movement, social dance, acting, music and singing.

Laura Yares


Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Trained in the interdisciplinary field of Religious Studies, Laura Yares’ current projects include a book on the history of the Jewish Sunday school in 19th century America, and a contemporary ethnographic study of Jewish cultural arts.

Wei Zhang


Associate Professor – Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, Faculty – Environmental Science & Policy

 Wei Zhang’s Website

Karin Zitzewitz


Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Culture – Department of Art, Art History, and Design

My most recent research on Indian contemporary art combines art historical and ethnographic methods in writing that cheerfully violates disciplinary boundaries that separate considerations of political economy from discussions of the artistic form.

Adam Zwickle


Associate Professor – Department of Community Sustainability, Environmental Science & Policy Program, School of Criminal Justice

My current research is focused on state and federal policy approaches towards sustainable natural resource management and climate change resilience.